13. Januar 2011

excuse me, but fuck you.

It was a very nice time with you, i think the best chapter of my life. Every Moment we've shared together. The things we've experienced. But times change and i think you don't want to be such an important part of my life anymore. it's okay i thank you for everything you've done for me until now. Go ahead and say goodbye. I'll be alright and you'll not loosing me by letting me know. But remember, when you need a place to run to -
For better for worse. I'll be there for you. and we'll be friends forever.


Goodbye/Secondhand Serenade

It's a shame that it had to be this way
It's not enough to say I'm sorry
It's not enough to say I'm sorry

Maybe I'm to blame
Or maybe were the same
But either way I can’t breathe
Either way I can’t breathe

All I had to say is goodbye
We're better off this way
We're better off this way

I'm alive but I’m losing all my drive
Cause everything we've been through
And everything about you
Seemed to be a lie
It's time to say goodbye
It's time to say goodbye
Take my pain away
Tell me I
Tell me I was wrong

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