4. Februar 2011

You know I deserve better.

I don't know how to say this, but I swear I saw it coming. Not much of a surprise, when you looked me in the eyes, and said me that you never ever forget me. And the worst fall for me was the best fall for you and I can't hold it in, I'm just not that strong. Because I fall down and you fall out of love with me and everything we used to be.
And I can't say, that I'm okay when my heart breaks in two, for you.

And now a friend leave me again. Not my best one, but a person who promised that she never would and now I'm left with nothing. So maybe it's true that I can't live without her. You feel empty. Lost and absolutly desperate, cause you love her ... and that hurts me, because I think she's not interesting in me anymore. 

                         I know you're somewhere out there
                                     Somewhere far away
                                         I want you back

                                     At night when the stars
                                          light on my room
                                           I sit by myself
                                         Talking to the moon
                                In hopes you're on the other side
                                           Talking to me too

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