25. Dezember 2010

Stand by me, please.

I'm sorry for what I've done
Maybe you're surprised by what I said
But I am not taking you back, I am no longer your marionette
Our friendship over now, you didn't fight for it
And now I'm taking distance of the girl that's in close to me
I know you're sorry for what you did
'Cause with you the things wouldn't be the same
And I know you ain't gonna change
I don't want you to say no more
Don't want to get hurt again and start over


                  YES .  YOU HAVE LOST ME FOREVER

So merry christmas darling. I love you, but I think our friendship had a good time in a pefect mood. But now it's over and I still miss you in my life. Forever.

Wanna tell you I'm alright,
Wanna say I'm not in pain
But I will just be telling lies
I'm not okay, not okay

Wanna travel back in time,
Say the things I didn't say
I wanna tell you everything if it's not too late
Is it too late?
People change, people change

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